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Stock Price Information

Stock Price Information

Basic Information

See G-TEKT’s stock price information using the following link to Yahoo! Finance.

*The website will open in a new browser window.

*The stock price information for G-TEKT CORPORATION is provided by Yahoo! Finance.

*G-TEKT is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any information published online.

Highest and lowest stock price over the trailing five-year period by business year

Business year
Sixth period
(Year ended March 31, 2017)
Seventh period
(Year ended March 31, 2018)
Eighth period
(Year ended March 31, 2019)
Ninth period
(Year ended March 31, 2020)
Tenth period
(Year ended March 31, 2021)
Highest (yen) 2,401 2,500 2,569 1,992 1,643
Lowest (yen) 1,111 1,793 1,287 934 872

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