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Basic Approach to Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Report (in Japanese)(PDF:280KB)
G-TEKT Basic Corporate Governance Policy(PDF:183KB)

Basic Approach to Corporate Governance

Basic Approach

To be a company that our customers, employees, shareholders, investors, and society “want to exist,” the Company, as a corporation with social responsibilities, recognizes the importance of management, develops organizations and mechanisms that ensure transparent, timely, fair, decisive, and risk-aware decision making, and is aware that building trust with all stakeholders is one of our most important management tasks.
We will aim to achieve sustainable growth and to enhance corporate value over the long term by practicing more effective corporate governance and by striving for continual improvement.

Corporate Governance Code

We used the G-TEKT Corporate Governance Policy — our basic approach, framework, and implementation policy on corporate governance — to set up a highly effective governance system. Our goals are to grow sustainably while enhancing corporate value over the long term and to fully comply with Japan’s Corporate Governance Code, created to promote proactive governance. Our policy has been approved by the Board of Directors and is disclosed in our Corporate Governance Report.


As a company keenly aware of compliance, we ensure compliance with all applicable laws and company regulations. As well, we always act in good faith as a model of a good corporate citizen. We view compliance as a way to fulfill the expectations of stakeholders, and have created the G-TEKT’s Code of Conduct for setting out the principles that every employee needs for abiding by the highest ethical standards. These guidelines are publicized for every employee. In addition to raising awareness on compliance, we also make continual improvements to prevent scandals and to quickly address them head on as well as to ensure that compliance is always a top priority.

Risk Management

For sound business practices, we identify and analyze the many types of risk facing management, and we strive to take the necessary steps to control them. The business risks facing our company and ways of managing these risks have grown more diverse and complex. In response, we have established the Risk Management Subcommittee under the Corporate Governance Committee with the goal of monitoring risks and addressing risk management issues that are shared across the company. Specifically, we prepare for the rapid restoration of operations in case of an emergency by developing business continuity plans (BCPs) for every domestic plant based on the scenario of a massive earthquake or other natural disaster.

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