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Precision Press Technologies

Precision press processing

精密プレス加工We use cutting-edge presses and servo transfer presses to achieve increased thickness for precision processing and rolling, enabling us to offer thicker, more precise processing — accurate to 1/100 mm — attributes that were considered difficult for many years. We combine advanced manufacturing technologies that deliver a lineup of products with guaranteed precision as well as an advanced fully automated cutting line to manufacture a wide array of vehicle transmission parts.

Video showing precision press processing

Video showing blanking

View this video on the transfer press process


ThickeningOur simulation and press processing technology enables us to increase the thickness of materials, which greatly improves flexibility in product design. Also, we can reduce costs by minimizing the amount of machining. As well, we increase the strength of parts using cold hardening. G-TEKT’s long experience and expertise help to meet all the needs of customers, ranging from development to mass production.