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Challenges to Address

Challenges to Address

The automobile industry, to which the Group is affiliated, is entering a major turning point due to rapid technological innovation in electrification and autonomous driving, the entry of various industries, and further due to catering to environmental standards relating to global warming and climate change that have been established by governments around the world.
In this business environment, we have stated our vision as “Shape a better future for people and automobiles through the fusion of passion and innovation,” and are accelerating the following initiatives with the objective of being a manufacturer specializing in car bodies that handles everything from development to mass production, and that leads the manufacture of cars in terms of the environment and safety.

Acceleration of growth, expansion of sales and profit

In response to climate change issues, each OEM is reviewing its strategy and accelerating the shift to EVs. The Company will establish EV-related business in order to lead to business growth from the increase in EV demand going forward.
In the form of the creation of a new business, we aim to enter into the development of a platform dedicated to electric vehicles based on the body in white analysis technology that we have been working on. In addition, in order to expand our lineup of EV-related products, we are also working on efforts to create businesses in the areas of battery housing and electric powertrain-related parts that can be customized in accordance with the needs of the customer.

Corporate transformation

We will launch the new DX (digital transformation) project and will promote innovation throughout our entire value chain through the use of digital technology.
In the quality assurance area, which is the basis for the trust of our customers, we will aim to conduct predictive and preventive management by visualizing and globally monitoring quality information of the Group.

Development and securing of human resources

With the objective of being an organization at which a diverse range of employees have mutual respect for each other, demonstrate their abilities and individuality, and feel a sense of motivation and growth through their work, we are working on efforts to improve management skills and to shift from “management” to management that brings light to people and organizations.
In addition, we provide each employee with fair and ongoing educational opportunities, and take developmental measures that allow each individual to recognize their strengths and to fully enhance and demonstrate their abilities.
We are further endeavoring to develop and secure a diverse range of human resources, including in terms of gender, nationality,work history, and age, under fair recruitment selection, with an equal promotion system and job-based benefits.

Contribution to society

For the sustainable growth of the company, we will tackle sustainability issues through appropriate collaboration with all stakeholders, including awareness of global environmental issues such as climate change, respect for human rights, consideration of the health and working conditions of employees, fair and appropriate treatment, fair and proper transactions with trading partners, and crisis management for natural disasters, etc.

Initiatives that address climate change

Among the global environmental problems that we face, climate change is especially demanding, and initiatives to address this issue are accelerating worldwide. G-TEKT is implementing strong measures to reduce CO2 emissions by our Group as a whole to fulfill our corporate social responsibility. For this reason, we launched the GX (green transformation) project in April 2021. Our specific environmental initiatives include reducing our use of electricity to improve productivity; replacing existing sources of power with renewable energy; more use of solar power; and switching to consuming power that we generate. Looking at renewable energy, approximately 30% of the electricity used in production in Japan now comes from renewable energy sources (as of April 2021). The GX initiatives implemented in Japan will gradually be rolled out overseas.

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