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Code of Conduct


G-TEKT fully complies with all laws, social norms, and corporate rules as a company with a strong awareness of legal compliance and one that vigorously addresses violations.
I will comply with every law, social norm, and corporate rule, while always acting with integrity.


G-TEKT will maintain sound relationships with customers and suppliers as a company that values fairness and equality.
I will comply with competition laws and other relevant laws and carry out business transactions based on equal and reasonable methods using a fair comparison of conditions. I will not provide to or accept from customers or suppliers any business entertainment, monetary gifts, or other benefits in excess of amounts that are socially accepted.

Relationship with government agencies

G-TEKT will maintain sound relationships with government agencies as an independent company.
I will maintain sound and appropriate relationships with government officials and never provide benefits to them in the form of business entertainment, monetary gifts, or other benefits.

Exclusion of antisocial forces

G-TEKT will resolutely stand against antisocial forces to ensure sound economic activity and social development.
I will firmly reject any unreasonable demand from and take every step to prevent or end all business dealings with antisocial forces.

Elimination of conflict minerals

G-TEKT, to ensure a peaceful society, will not use as raw materials any conflict minerals, which are used to fund inhumane activities in conflict zones.
I will promote initiatives to avoid all use of conflict minerals.

Safe and sound workplaces

G-TEKT, to build safe, comfortable, and sound workplaces, will comply with all labor laws as well as respect the human rights of all individuals and never permit any violations of rights through discrimination and child labor or forced labor.
I will respect diverse lifestyles and thinking, treat people fairly and honestly, never engage in any form of harassment, and promote communication within the workplace to create an open corporate culture.

Conflicts of interest

G-TEKT will, to ensure effective business operations, not permit any actions that promote the interests of individuals or third parties in violation of G-TEKT’s own interests.
I will not engage in actions that promote my own interests or those of third parties in violation of G-TEKT’s interests.

Company assets

G-TEKT will own and manage company assets carefully for the effective use of the management resources that are necessary to achieve business goals.
I will effectively manage company assets based on corporate rules and will not use any assets for any purpose other than G-TEKT’s business.

Information management

G-TEKT, to use information assets properly, will carefully manage customer and supplier information as well as personal information.
I will handle all company, customer, and supplier information, as well as personal information with care, and I will not use this information for insider trading or the infringement of intellectual property rights.

Whistleblower system

G-TEKT, to be a company that continually betters itself, will strive to maintain and improve corporate ethics by using information on breaches of corporate ethics provided through the corporate ethics reporting hotline.
If I discover any acts that violate laws and ordinances or acts that go beyond social norms, I will promptly report these to the corporate ethics reporting hotline.


G-TEKT will aim to be a truly global company that respects international rules, laws, practices, cultures, religions, and lifestyles, in order to be a company trusted by the global community.
During my actions, I will always be aware of and respect international rules, laws, practices, cultures, religions, and lifestyles.

Contribution to society

G-TEKT will contribute to society through corporate activities as a company closely rooted in society as a good corporate citizen.
I will actively participate in social contribution activities as a member of society.

Relationship with stakeholders

G-TEKT will promote communications with stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, shareholders, investors, and local communities, through active public relations and investor relations as a company open to society.
I will reflect the opinions and desires of various stakeholders gained through business activities.

Quality assurance

G-TEKT, to provide products to society that exceed expectations, will fully comply with product all quality standards and never permit quality fraud.
I will comply with all laws, the Company’s quality management system, as well as contracts and specifications concluded with customers to produce quality with integrity.

Traffic safety

G-TEKT will work to raise people’s awareness about safe driving and traffic safety to achieve a safe and comfortable society for everyone.
I will observe all traffic rules and etiquette, make every effort to drive safely, and actively promote traffic safety.

Environmental protection

G-TEKT, to achieve a sustainable society, will work to protect the global environment throughout all corporate activities.
During my work, I will strive to lessen the company’s impact on the environment as well as promote resource saving, energy conservation, and recycling.

About Us