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Code of Conduct


Maintain high standards of compliance

At all times, we will comply with every law and company regulation, while acting with integrity that matches social norms.

Traffic safety

Be a leader in safe driving as an auto body component manufacturer

We will observe traffic rules and make every effort to drive safely.

Environmental protection

Proactively protect the environment

We will strive to mitigate our impact on the environment as well as recycle waste products and reduce emissions.

Contribution to society

Be a good corporate citizen closely rooted in communities and society

As a member of society, we will give back to communities through our business activities.

Information management

Appropriately manage all information received from customers and suppliers

We appropriately manage information received through business activities and, in compliance with company regulations, never engage in insider trading.

Health and safety

Provide a safe, comfortable work environment

We will work to eliminate occupational injuries and create healthy workplaces.


Provide an open, friendly workplace

We will never tolerate sexual harassment, abuse of power, or any other form of harassment in the workplace.


Maintain fair, sound relationships with suppliers

We will fairly assess all terms from suppliers and use only impartial and reasonable methods of trade. We will not provide or accept any entertainment or gifts beyond those that are socially acceptable.


Always be a fair company

We will value all encounters with others and respect their human rights, and we always treat others with consideration, fairness, and equality.

Protection of privacy

Always respect the privacy of individuals

We will never disclose personal information without anyone’s consent, unless officially asked to by a government agency, etc.

Exclusion of anti-social forces

Contribute to sound economic activities and social development

We will take a resolute stance against anti-social forces that disturb the public order and threaten public safety. We will firmly reject any unreasonable demand and take every step to prevent or end all business dealings with anti-social forces.

Relationship with government agencies

Maintain sound relationships with government agencies as an independent company

We will maintain sound and appropriate relationships with government officials and never engage in bribery.


In harmony with society

We will value interaction with society and respond immediately to complaints from the local community.

Time management

Creating bright, exciting, energetic workplaces

We will use time effectively and strive to complete work within the allotted time.

Reporting obligations

Always a highly transparent company

We will immediately report to a supervisor or the whistleblower hotline any act that is in violation of laws or regulations or that deviates from social norms.


Be a truly global company

We will respect the political and administrative systems, laws and regulations, customs, culture, religion, and lifestyles of the countries where we operate.

About Us