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Die and Production System

Simulations for designing and fabricating high-precision, optimal die

G-TEKT uses simulations to design and fabricate in-house the optimal die needed for creating auto body components. Moreover, we use coordinate measuring machines to ensure that die with complex curved surfaces is highly precise to every extent possible. Also, we are able to plan, propose, and establish highly efficient production lines that meet the varying needs of automakers.

Die – Design, Development and Fabrication

金型 設計開発 設計製作G-TEKT designs die using proprietary simulation technologies. We harness high-performance numerical control (NC) machines, large press machines for try out, and high-performance measuring equipment to develop die with unparalleled precision.

Die Forming simulations

Auto body components have complex shapes that can only be created through multiple press processes that turn a high-tensile steel sheet into the right shape. By conducting press forming simulations beforehand, G-TEKT is able to not only develop products at a faster pace, but also develop die and optimal processing technologies for creating high-quality components.

Die Forming simulations

Welding & Assembly – Automated Systems and Design Fabrication

G-TEKT synchronizes production lines with its customers to flexibly accommodate changes. At the same time, we develop and propose various welding systems that help to make production more efficient.

Robot simulations

溶接組立 自動化装置 設計製作The numerous parts created during the press process are assembled by welding robots into the pillars, supports and other frame components that shape vehicles. Even for these welding processes, we use simulation technologies from the planning stage. This enables us to design the most effective production line for creating high-quality parts in an exceptionally efficient way. This also shortens lead times when setting up welding lines, ensuring that we quickly accommodate changing market needs.

Video of welding line simulation

View this video about a welding line simulation