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Auto Body Component Processing Technologies

Press processing

G-TEKT uses cutting-edge transfer presses and a coil press line to fabricate die entirely in-house. This enables G-TEKT to make highly efficient, high-quality pressed parts. G-TEKT continues to lead the auto industry with advanced technologies.

Press processing1
Press processing2
Press processing3

Video showing transfer press process

View this video on the transfer press process.


Components created during the press process are assembled into auto body frames (pillars) or parts of the passenger area (dashboard). All of G-TEKT’s lines are synchronized with customers’ requirements, enabling a wide range of parts to be made on demand and quickly. Every line has the flexibility to immediately address changes in customer production (greater mix, increased capacity). Also, all processes are automated using robotics. We reduce man-hours during model changes by using RoboCAD and offline teaching, in addition to high-speed die changing machines compatible with high mix production. G-TEKT is fully able to quickly respond to the changing needs of the market thanks to highly productive manufacturing systems.

Video showing the welding process

View this video on the welding process.