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Shape the Future

The components we are creating today represent the future of automobiles. Over the years, we have read about trends, sought out high-value-added technologies, and continually proposed novel, innovative products to markets around the world. From this thinking comes our corporate slogan, “Shape the Future,” which is how we are shaping the future for people, automobiles, and our world.

Based on the slogan “Shape the Future,” we believe in the importance of qualitative growth over quantitative growth to ensure sustainable growth and evolution in the automobile industry, which finds itself at a major turning point that occurs only once in a century.

Against this backdrop, we will strive to further enhance our corporate structure by pursuing innovation from a tangible perspective, beginning with production sites driven by advanced technology, and from an intangible perspective in terms of organization and personnel. We will also recreate an environment in which all human resources can play an active role as a way to drive growth.

By establishing an environment that will see the Company and its people grow together, and by boosting all aspects of quality to deliver revolutionary products, we can shape the future for people, automobiles and our world.

April 1, 2019

About Us