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The components we are creating today represent the future of automobiles. Over the years, we have read about trends, sought out high-value-added technologies, and have continually proposed novel, innovative products to markets around the world. This is how we are shaping the future for people, automobiles, and our world. Our corporate slogan, “Shape the Future,” expresses our strong commitment to make the future a reality today.

Currently, the automotive industry finds itself at a major turning point that arrives only once every century. For G-TEKT to grow and evolve in a sustainable way, we must recognize the critical nature of having innovative technologies and ideas that are truly pioneering.

Mindful of our motto, “Shape the Future,” we are developing innovations in three areas: technology, sales, and human resources. Our goal is to achieve sustainable, resilient growth by creating an environment where companies and people can grow together and by supplying innovative products made with new, next-generation technologies to automakers around the world.

April 1, 2018

About Us