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Technologies for Reducing Weight and Adding Strength

Hot Stamping

ホットスタンプHot stamping is a process used to harden materials where a steel sheet heated to a high temperature is placed in a die and then immediately cooled within the die to create extremely strong products. Hot stamping, together with using ultrahigh tensile strength materials, is a critical technique for making auto body components that are light and strong. In the past, hot stamping was thought to be cost prohibitive for mass production because of the long time needed and because hardened products were difficult to weld. Simultaneously processing four components makes it possible to produce at twice the speed of conventional technologies. In addition, water cooling die techniques that control water temperature, flow position, and flow rate during pressing make it possible to form in only a few seconds, significantly increasing productivity.

Video of hot stamping

View this video on hot stamping

Technology for Processing High-Tensile Strength Materials

High-tensile strength materials are light, yet strong, making them ideal for reducing the weight and increasing the strength of automobiles. However, until now these materials were considered difficult to form in presses. G-TEKT was among the first in the industry to mass produce auto body components made from high-tensile strength materials. Today, we are able to mass produce components made from ultrahigh-tensile strength materials in the 1180 MPa range, helping to make cars safer and more environmentally friendly.

Comparison of automotive materials

(× = inferior, △ = somewhat inferior, ☆ = good, ★ = excellent)

  Steel Aluminum
Ultrahigh-tensile steel Hot stamping
Effective for reducing weight
Strength ×

*Relative evaluation

Aluminum Material Processing Technology

アルミ材加工技術Aluminum is one-third the weight of steel, which greatly helps to reduce the weight of automobiles. However, aluminum has only one-third the strength of steel, so improving the strength of aluminum materials has always been a challenge. Aluminum is harder to process than steel, but G-TEKT was among the first in the industry to mass produce aluminum parts for the auto industry. Using aluminum dramatically reduces the weight of automobiles.