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Message to Our Shareholders and Investors

Message to Our Shareholders and Investors

Working toward Sustainable Growth and Evolution

Dear shareholders,

Nowadays, the automotive industry has been at a major turning point, which is called “CASE”: Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric, especially electrification of vehicles requires more weight reduction of automobile body.

To accurately assess these new directions and to realize growth, we need to reinforce our corporate structure that all human resources can play an active role as a way to drive growth, so that we can swiftly respond to changing times.

We put up “Shape the Future” as our corporate slogan. Thinking outside the box, we need to create an environment enabling the Company and its people to grow together, as well as produce innovative, light and strong body for the next generation by maximizing development capabilities, technological capabilities and human resources, which we are shaping the future for people, automobile and our world.

Looking ahead, I will drive the company using innovation and an aggressive, forward-thinking approach to management so that we achieve sustainable growth and evolution. I humbly ask for the continuing support of shareholders as we move forward.

November 29, 2019

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