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Message to Our Shareholders and Investors

Message to Our Shareholders and Investors

Working toward Sustainable Growth and Evolution

Dear shareholders,

We would like to start by expressing our heartfelt gratitude for the continued support of our shareholders.

The external environment for the automotive industry has changed dramatically over the past few years, especially with the emergence of transformational technologies such as CASE and MaaS, as well as climate change, COVID-19, and similar problems. With the aim of becoming a resilient company, G-TEKT formulated a new business strategy calling for our “Action for the global environment,” “Establishment of EV-related business,” “Improvement of the diversity of human resources,” and “Transformation of existing businesses.” We are now able to respond with agility and flexibility to any kind of change in our operating environment. We will continue our mission to help resolve environmental and societal problems through our business, and in this way contribute to building a sustainable society.

The business environment will undoubtedly remain challenging, but we will not hesitate to move ahead decisively with reforms and to work straightaway to change course for the company. We deeply appreciate your continued support.

January, 2022

the New G-TEKT Management Strategy

Action for the global environment

We have declared our goal of achieving virtually zero CO2 emissions, including Scope 3 emissions, by FY2050. We will aggressively promote decarbonization investment by utilizing our ample cash flow.

Establishment of EV-related business

Looking at the global shift to EVs as an opportunity for growth, we will attack new areas by strengthening our development proposals and sales force. For the battery housing, we will install an aluminum-based battery housing, which is easy to recycle and has a low environmental impact, on the platform and combine it with a lightweight and highly rigid steel body to strengthen sales. We will also enter the motor core business based on the precision stamping technology we use for our transmission products.

Improvement of the diversity of human resources

In addition to improving the workplace environment and reviewing the personnel system, we aim to create a corporate culture that generates new value and an organization that is constantly changing by promoting external human resources, increasing the number of new female employees, and supporting their advancement to senior management positions.

Transformation of existing businesses

Through DX (Digital Transformation), we are working to transform our corporate structure and pass on our know-how to the next generation in the areas of quality and cost, which are the most important for the manufacturing industry, by converting the knowledge and experience used by some technical and professional positions into data and making it visible.

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