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Message to Our Shareholders and Investors

Message to Our Shareholders and Investors

Working toward Sustainable Growth

Dear shareholders,

In recent years, the automotive industry has seen increased global competition coupled with the urgent need to develop autonomous vehicles for the mobility systems of the future as well as information systems for transportation networks that control and direct shared-use vehicles. What’s more, the automobile is facing a major turning point due to the electrification of powertrains driven by the growing demand for EVs and fuel cell vehicles.

To accurately assess these new directions and to realize sustainable growth, we will need to add new technologies to our core auto body technologies, as well as reinforce our corporate structure, so that we can swiftly respond to changing times.

As a result, we are now working to reinforce our corporate structure through innovations in three areas ― technology, sales, and human resources ― with the goal of hitting the targets of consolidated sales of 300 billion yen and operating income of 20 billion yen set out in our long-term growth strategy.

Today, the various measures we are implementing are beginning to bear fruit. The links that we are developing will continue to grow and eventually connect our worldwide operations.

Looking ahead, I will drive the company using innovation and an aggressive, forward-thinking approach to management so that we achieve sustainable growth and evolution. I humbly ask for the continuing support of shareholders as we move forward.

June 22, 2018

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