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Shareholder Relations

Shareholder Relations

General Meeting of Shareholders

We make certain that shareholders have enough time to review proposals for the general meeting of shareholders, and we provide an environment where they can easily exercise their voting rights.

Ensuring the Rights of Shareholders

・We ensure the equality of shareholders and pay full consideration to minority shareholders exercising their rights.
・When a company proposal meets with considerable opposition and is approved at the general meeting of shareholders, the Board of Directors will analyze the reasons behind and factors for the opposition, and then come up with a response.

Basic Capital Policy

・We balance a strong financial base with profitability to achieve sustainable growth and to enhance corporate value over the long term.
・We explain our capital policy, as necessary, to shareholders after fully considering the need for this and the reasoning behind it at meetings of the Board of Directors, to ensure that it does not unreasonably affect any shareholder.

Basic Policy on Stock Ownership and the Exercising of Voting Rights

・We own shares in other listed companies to maintain relationships with customers and banking partners only after determining the need and rationale for business reasons. Every year we review our share portfolio and sell any shares that are determined to be inconsequential.
・We will exercise our voting rights for the shares that we own in other companies in an appropriate way, after carefully considering whether a proposal has the potential to damage our corporate value and whether the proposal is beneficial for the other company’s management and can boost its corporate value.

Tender Offers

・If our stock is subject to a tender offer, the Board of Directors will explain to shareholders the company’s view of the tender offer.

Policy on Shareholder Engagement

The Board of Directors prescribes the following policy on constructive engagement with shareholders to provide information that is useful for shareholders and investors to make an investment decision. We do this in a speedy, fair, and accurate way, striving to promote the understanding of shareholders and investors and to obtain fair evaluations of corporate value.
(1)The Company will ensure that top management engages with shareholders and that the Director in Charge of Corporate Management is responsible for investor relations (IR).
(2)The person in charge of IR will regularly exchange information with other departments and establish an organic system for collaboration within the Company to engage with shareholders in an appropriate way.
(3)The Company will hold ongoing financial results briefings, provide information through its website, explain the business report during the general meeting of shareholders, send documents to shareholders including the shareholders’ newsletter, organize plant tours for shareholders, and conduct shareholder surveys all in an effort to deepen the understanding of shareholders and investors about the Company’s business operations. The Company will also hold individual meetings for constructive engagement with major shareholders that have an investment policy aligning with the long-term interests of all shareholders.
(4)The views of shareholders revealed during these meetings will be regularly reported to the Board of Directors.
(5)To carry out these activities effectively, the people in charge will be trained on handling insider and confidential information and then carry out meetings with shareholders in a way that complies with all applicable company regulations.

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