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Biodiversity Efforts

Biodiversity Guidelines and Priority Initiatives

G-TEKT established the G-TEKT Biodiversity Guidelines in fiscal 2014 and has started on new initiatives related to biodiversity that could be affected by our business activities, as one way to protect the environment, something we view as an important management issue.

G-TEKT Biodiversity Guidelines

G-TEKT recognizes the “conservation of and sustainable usage of biodiversity”, as a significant issue to be addressed as a part of the “conservation of the global environment” under the “G-TEKT Environmental Philosophy”, and shall strive to promote both the conservation efforts and business activities while maintaining a balance between the two.

Priority Measures
  • Pursuit of environmentally-friendly cutting-edge technologies
    The Company shall contribute to the conservation of biodiversity through the development and mass production of products resulting in one of the smallest environmental burdens in the industry.
  • Undertakings related to business activities
    The Company shall reduce environmental burden through the pursuit of higher production efficiency, as well as reduce the impact on biodiversity while striving to achieve the sustainable use thereof.
  • Communication with local communities
    The Company shall endeavor to interact with the local communities as well as society at large by actively cooperating in the environmental conservation activities and social contribution activities in partnership with the local communities.

G-TEKT’s Forestation Program

G-TEKT launched “Corporate Forestation” activities in 2014 as part of its biodiversity initiatives. “Corporate Forestation” is an initiative in which three parties— namely, municipal government, etc. (which provides the place for forestation activities), prefectural government (which supports the activities) and companies/organizations (which engage in forestation activities)— enter into an agreement and carry out forestation in cooperation with each other. G-TEKT participates in this initiative under the slogan “passing on a lush and green earth to future generations of children”.

Sponsor of Kabutomushi Village

The Shiga Plant has sponsored the Kabutomushi (Japanese rhinoceros beetle) Village in Koka City since 2018.
Kabutomushi Village, a summertime-only event, allows visitors to interact with rhinoceros and stag beetles that have been nurtured at the foot of Mt. Suzuka. They live on trees in a greenhouse. Visitors can see the beetles’ natural habitat as well as pick them up to learn more about them.

Shiga Prefecture Biodiversity Initiative

Since 2018, Shiga Prefecture has been implementing the Shiga Biodiversity Initiative Certification Program to support businesses that protect nature and use natural resources sustainably.
In 2018, the G-TEKT Shiga Plant has been certified with three stars for the Shiga Biodiversity Initiative Certification.
We regularly clean up trash on the roads around the plant, cut the grass, and help with preserving forests.