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Basic Environmental Information

Environmental Philosophy and Environmental Policies

Environmental Management

G-TEKT is endeavoring to reduce its environmental burden associated with its business activities, based on the view that conservation of the global environment is a matter of top priority.

Environmental Philosophy

The Company places the highest priority on the conservation of the global environment and local environments. As a member of society responsible for passing on the green Earth to the next generation, it shall strive to both engage in environmentally considerate business activities and help conserve the global environment under the slogan, “The Earth is our shared resource”.

Environmental Policies

  • The Company shall assess the environmental impact of all its business activities, voluntarily formulate improvement plans, and actively work on environmental conservation.
  • The Company shall comply with related environmental laws and regulations and other requirements and establish its own management standards to prevent environmental pollution.
  • The Company shall define purposes, set goals and formulate implementation plans for its environmental protection activities, and reduce its environmental burden by engaging in ongoing improvement, and conduct business in harmony with the environment. Furthermore, the Company shall review and revise the purposes, goals and plans as necessary.
  • The Company shall ensure all employees and all people working at the Company are aware of and understand its environmental policies by providing them with environmental education and training activities.
  • The Company shall disclose its environmental information to the general public. The Company shall conduct activities aimed at achieving a deeper level of communication with the community and society at large and actively cooperate in community- or society-based environmental conservation activities.

Environmental Management Structures

Each plant is making ongoing efforts to promote environmental compliance and improvement activities on an environmental management system (EMS) Environmental Committee basis with the respective Plant Manager serving concurrently as the Chief Environmental Manager. The Company has established the Central Environmental Promotion Committee (officer in charge: Takuto Fujii, Officer of the Company) as an upper-level organization of the plants and two additional business locations, specifically the Head Office and C&C Tochigi, to manage matters related to company-wide global environmental improvement activities.
In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019, we conducted an expanded examination at the Head Office, C&C Tochigi and GTL (G-TEKT TOKYO LAB), and the EMS certification acquisition rate is now 100% (based on number of business locations) in Japan.
Furthermore, since April 2017, we have been holding the “Global CSR Conference” (chair: Naohiro Takao, President, Chief Executive Officer) periodically in an effort to strengthen our environmental management worldwide as well as to share information with each Chief Operating Officer for Regional Operations overseas.