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Material Issues

Process for Identifying Material Issues

We believe that the G-TEKT Group should engage in business activities while understanding the social impact of its business activities, managing the possibility of having such an impact as well as controlling the impact itself. Based on such view, we identified the material aspects as of 2016 in consideration of the characteristics of G-TEKT’s business, while seeking the opinions of stakeholders. We have organized and enhanced the method of managing material issues that have been identified, and integrated them into the policies for the third Medium-term Plan.

Conducting Self-inspection of CSR

In order to raise the level of CSR activities of the G-TEKT Group as a whole, we conduct self-inspections. Once a year, we conduct self-inspections by distributing a check sheet of CSR initiatives to our domestic headquarters and overseas offices. In response to changes in the business environment in the previous fiscal year, we have revised check sheets with some additions and modifications, so that they can be compared company-wide. For this reason, we are unable to make a simple comparison with the fiscal year before last, but as a result of self-inspection, we could see there was a general improvement trend. Regarding the areas of weakness that have become apparent, we are following up by providing advices, etc., taking into account the conditions in each country.

Four material issues that have been identified

Enhancing corporate governance

In particular, we recognize that the improvement of the Group’s governance and the maintenance of a sound governance structure are extremely important issues for G-TEKT, a global corporation with affiliates all over the world. For this reason, we have established Company-wide policies and guidelines to prevent bribery and to help eliminate child and forced labor, which we share throughout the Group. We are also striving to maintain and improve our level of governance through regular self-assessments of governance at domestic and overseas bases.

Development of environmentally friendly products and technologies

Boosting fuel efficiency, highly effective for reducing automotive exhaust gases, has become an increasingly important topic in recent years. Reducing the weight of automobiles is a practical way of boosting fuel efficiency, both for electric and fuel cell vehicles. As a company that manufactures auto bodies—handling everything from automobile development to mass production—G-TEKT aims to help resolve environmental issues through technologies and products that make vehicles lighter so that resources can be used more effectively.

Talent development

To realize a sustainable society, it is important for companies to continue growing. And it is the people inside a company that are the driving force behind this growth. At G-TEKT, we pour energy into training so that every employee can achieve personal growth with a focus on boosting technical and professional skills. As a company aiming at realizing sustainable growth and evolution, G-TEKT pays close attention to every employee.

Environmental management

To help realize a sustainable society, the task of tackling climate change issues is a major corporate social responsibility. G-TEKT has established a global promotion framework for reducing greenhouse gases emitted throughout our operations, and we are working hard to achieve our goals. We are also working to reduce the environmental impact of the value chain. Aside from reducing greenhouse gases, we are helping to protect the environment by planting trees, cutting back on water resources, and minimizing waste.

Link with the SDGs

G-TEKT, as a global company, intends to improve fuel efficiency by reducing vehicle body weight, and we support intitiatives that improve collision safety, using our independent developmental and technological skills.
Recently, the public has been demanding significant improvements in automobiles, particularly for reducing CO2 emissions to protect the environment as well as improving passenger and pedestrian safety. In response to these social issues, we will become a specialized auto body manufacturer handling all the processes from development to mass production. This includes making proposals that go beyond individual components and that consider the optimization of the entire car body.
With the aim of creating social value by ensuring harmony with the environment through our products, in 2015 we formulated our Fundamental Policies on CSR: “The Company will help solve social issues through business activities and seek to achieve sustainable growth together with society.” The Corporate Business Planning Division straddles the entire Group and serves as the executive office for appointing CSR officers in each region and operation to promote initiatives.
Our initiatives to both achieve technological innovation and resolve social issues fall in line with the philosophy of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations in 2015. G-TEKT has positioned the SDGs as important guidelines, linking the Company’s materiality (identified in 2016) with those goals. We are currently doubling down on achieving our objectives through meticulous planning, implementation, and a review of every theme, as this also contributes to supporting the SDGs.