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Basic CSR Information

Basic Sustainability Policy

We will strive to realize a sustainable society and improve corporate value through business activities for the better future for people, automobiles, and the environment to which G-TEKT aspires.

  • ■Protection of the environment
    We will endeavor to protect the global environment by reducing the burden on the environment such as air, water and soil including the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions associated with business activities.
  • ■Respect for human rights
    We will eradicate forced labor and child labor, and respect human rights of all people and basic rights as workers. Furthermore, we will prohibit all discrimination, and respect diverse values and individuality.
  • ■Maintaining and improving an appropriate working environment
    We will endeavor to improve the workplace environment to enable each employee to work safely and with a sense of security, and to feel fulfillment and a sense of personal growth.
  • ■Technical innovation supporting a sustainable society
    We will support a sustainable automobile society by facing the challenges of high-quality products and technological innovation meeting the needs of customers and consumers.
  • ■Compliance
    We will comply with international rules, and the laws and regulations of each country and region such as those on anti-corruption and prevention of fraudulent transactions, and conduct fair and transparent corporate governance.

Sustainability Promotion System

G-TEKT recognizes that resolving social issues and contributing to the realization of a sustainable society through business activities is an important management issue, and is building systems and promoting initiatives aimed at the achievement of SDGs. The Company has established a Sustainability Promotion Conference as an advisory body to the Board of Directors and the Executive Board to cross-sectionally and comprehensively integrate sustainability-related issues in internal committees, and meetings chaired by the Chief Executive Officer are held once annually. From the perspective of sustainability, we recognize the gap from SDGs in our business, and we will measure the level of contribution to the achievement of goals and disclose this information.

Relationships with Stakeholders

Basic Stance towards Stakeholders



We will remain a trustworthy partner of our customers, to whom we deliver our products, by providing the desired products in the desired quantities at the desired time.


Based on the principle of respecting human dignity, we will endeavor to establish a safe, secure and lively workplace that provides each employee with job satisfaction and does not permit harassment of any kind.


We will conduct business in a fair and reasonable manner and establish cooperative relationships with our clients through mutual respect, recognizing them as partners indispensable to our production activities.

Purchasing / CSR Procurement Policies

Local communities

We will proactively seek to integrate and harmonize with the local residents through such means as participation in social contribution activities and seek to establish favorable relationships based on mutual understanding.

Shareholders and investors

We will strive to enhance our corporate value and achieve an appropriate share price by actively establishing opportunities for dialogues with our shareholders and investors based on our commitment to prompt and fair disclosure.