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Our code of conduct


To ensure that will maintain high compliance standardsI shall comply with laws and regulations, and internal corporate regulations and act with integrity and in accordance with social norms at all times.

Traffic safety

To ensure that will lead other companies in safe driving as an auto body component manufacturerI shall observe traffic rules and make every effort to drive safely.

Environmental protection

To ensure that will take a proactive stance to protecting the global environmentI shall strive to reduce environmental impact and to actively engage in the recycling of emissions and waste products.

Social contribution

To ensure that, as a good corporate citizen, maintains close ties with local communities and broader societyAs a member of society, I shall actively make social contributions through corporate activities.

Information management

To ensure that will appropriately manage information received from customers and suppliersI shall appropriately manage the information I have obtained through my corporate activities, comply with internal corporate regulations, and not engage in any insider trading.

Health and safety

To ensure that everyone works safely and comfortablyI shall actively work on creating hygienic workplaces and eradicating industrial accidents.


To ensure a bright and lively workplaceI shall not tolerate any form of harassment, such as sexual harassment or power harassment, at the workplace.


To ensure that will continue to be a fair companyI shall appreciate all encounters, respects the human rights of the people I meet, and treat others with consideration, fairness and equality.

Protection of privacy

To ensure that will respect the privacy of individualsI shall not disclose any private information without the permission of the person to whom it corresponds, unless officially requested to do so by government agencies, etc.


To ensure that will maintain fair and sound relationships with suppliersI shall compare terms proposed by suppliers in a fair manner and pursue fair and rational transactions with them. I shall not offer or accept entertainment or gifts beyond those which are compatible with social norms.

Exclusion of anti-social forces

To ensure sound economic activities and social developmentI shall resolutely oppose to any anti-social forces that disturb the public order and threaten the public safety.I shall firmly reject any unreasonable demands from anti-social forces and work to prevent and eliminate any business or transactions with them.

Transactions with government agencies

To ensure that will maintain sound relationships with government agencies as an independent enterpriseI shall maintain sound and appropriate relationships with government officials and not attempt to obtain preferential treatment from them through bribery or other means.


To ensure that will exist in a fusion and harmonious relationship with societyI acknowledge the importance of appropriate communication with society.

Time management

To ensure that will continue to be a bright, lively and youthful workplaceI shall use time effectively and make every effort to complete work within the specified time frame.

Reporting obligations

To ensure that will continue to be a highly transparent companyI shall immediately report to my superior and the Corporate Ethics Office any act I discover that is in violation of laws or regulations or that deviates from social norms.


To ensure that will be a truly global companyI shall respect the political and administrative systems, laws and regulations, customs, cultures, religions and lifestyles of other countries.

Corporate profile

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