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President Toshitsugu KikuchiStriving to Be a Global LeaderPresident Toshitsugu Kikuchi

G-TEKT was founded in April 2011. Society as a whole is undergoing drastic changes, brand there is a demand in the automobile industry for further globalization and stronger environmental protection measures.
The entire industry is shifting towards new growth. We believe that in this climate, customers expect G-TEKT to be the dedicated body frame and transmission component manufacturer that we set out in our management vision.
To be that manufacturer, we must contribute globally through our manufacturing, helping our customers emerge victorious over their competition.
G-TEKT will rise to these customer expectations by increasing both the quality and the quantity of our technical strengths, utilizing our high level of expertise, and our field strengths, supporting supply systems on a worldwide scale.
G-TEKT will strive to make a leap forward, led by the concepts of "work floor," "global," "growth," and "environment and safety," in an effort to become a world-leading manufacturer specialized in body frame and transmission components.
Our aim is to contribute to a low-carbon society by fusing high quality, low-cost technologies with cutting-edge technologies, providing satisfaction to customers around the globe. As a responsible company that helps support the automotive industry, we will continue to work even more to live up to the expectations of all of our stakeholders.

Corporate profile

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