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To our shareholders and investors

Naohiro Takao, President
Striving for sustainable growth

I would like to express my deep appreciation to all of our shareholders for their constant support. Upon taking over the presidency, I would like to make a brief statement to our shareholders and investors.

In recent years, in addition to the increasingly intensified competition on a global scale, the developments of self-driving cars for realizing the future mobility system and the traffic network information system for directing and controlling the operation of shared vehicles are required to be accelerated in the automobile industry. Furthermore, due to the electrification of power-train system, such as electric vehicles and fuel cells, automobiles are facing a major turning point.
In order to accurately identify these changes, and continue our sustainable growth, I believe it is essential to add new technologies to our auto body technologies developed over many years, and enhance corporate structure to promptly respond to the changes of the times.

Therefore, we will carry out three innovations toward the future to enhance corporate structure.

First of all, we aim to create new values through “technology innovation” that anticipates the needs of the future mobility system. The values created will be then provided to our customers globally through “sales innovation” intended to increase sales. Finally, we will create an environment where companies and people can grow together through “human resources innovation” to develop human forces that can support the company. We will further pursue sustainable and strong growth by promoting these three innovations on a medium- and long-term basis.

Going forward, in order to maintain the trust of society, the whole company will work as one to strive for sustainable growth. We would greatly appreciate our shareholders for their ongoing long-term understanding of our business and their enduring support.

April 2016

Naohiro Takao, President

To our investors

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